Friday, August 9, 2013

Lego Malwa 560

Malwa 560 is a swedish forestry machine.
With 6 wheel drive and articulated steering, adjustable stabilization and a working crane it's the most challenging moc i ever built. I started with the first
prototypes for almost two years ago and I have done many failed attemps.

I do not know exactly what scale it is, but I scaled it down until the front wheels were 94 millimeters in diameter, which is the largest wheels available. I would to have some bigger wheels to have in the front and use the 94 millimeters in the rear so I could build a larger scale, because it was not easy to fit all the features of the trailer.

It's driven by a xl motor placed in the hood and it was needed many universal joints to
fit drive axle in the trailer. The center differential is needed to get the front and rear wheels
to keep pace.

The articulated steering is driven by a Large Motor but at those pictures I'm using a
Medium Motor because the Large motor is used in another creation for the moment.
The rear wheels were at first driven by chains in the boogies, but the the chains wasn't
strong enough so I used a lot of gears instead.
The crane is driven by two Pneumatic cylinders and one mini cylinder for the claw.
The pneumatic switches and pump is placed on the crane and is detachable.
If the load is to heavy might the trailer tip over, thats why there is stabilization.

The stabilization is an axle that prevents the trailer to tip over.
The stabilization is contralled by a lever under the cab.
It also has working lights in the front.


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