Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lego SCANIA Car Transporter

This is my first MOC since last summer. I think it's the MOC that I've spent the most time on creating. I wanted it to be perfect.

The Car Transporter can load up to five cars, three on the top section and two on the lower section.

Motorized features:
Foldable top section, Foldable lower section, driving rear axle and front steering.

There are three switches on the left side of the truck. One for power On/Off, one for the 
PF switch and one feature switch. Drive and steering is controlled by a IR remote control.

PF elements included:

  • Medium motor
  • Large motor
  • Servo motor
  • Switch
  • IR reciever
  • LED lights
  • IR remote control
The Cab:

Inside the cab there is a steering wheel and two seats. behind the seats is the IR Receiver, the switch and the battery box.

The upper section can be folded down and a part of the lower section can be folded up to load cars.

It has a very detailed front with working lights.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

I got my 41999 as a top 100 winner in the "You design it, We make it competition.
I thank you all who gave me your vote in the competition.
The Crawler looks very nice with the dark blue together with the white stripes
and the chromed silver parts at the front and sides. I think they couldn't have
choosen any better colors.

The Crawler has opening doors and trunk. By open the doors you can switch on the power
and unlock the body so you can replace the batteries.
The doors has a clever locking function using two 1x2 rubber liftarms.

In the front it has a working winch and lights and it has some new silver chromed parts.
The back is even more intresting with the uniquely numbeIred license plate. I got
19156 of 20000 but i hoped for number one :)

 The winch is driven by a medium motor and contralled by a switch placed in the battery box.

The rims is decorated by a white stripe painted on the edge.

It was packed in a very special box with no picture of the model on the front.
Inside the box are aoutographs of the people who has helped with this model

Together with the model came this letter:

And as you can see in the letter there will be a new competition soon.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Lego Malwa 560

Malwa 560 is a swedish forestry machine.
With 6 wheel drive and articulated steering, adjustable stabilization and a working crane it's the most challenging moc i ever built. I started with the first
prototypes for almost two years ago and I have done many failed attemps.

I do not know exactly what scale it is, but I scaled it down until the front wheels were 94 millimeters in diameter, which is the largest wheels available. I would to have some bigger wheels to have in the front and use the 94 millimeters in the rear so I could build a larger scale, because it was not easy to fit all the features of the trailer.

It's driven by a xl motor placed in the hood and it was needed many universal joints to
fit drive axle in the trailer. The center differential is needed to get the front and rear wheels
to keep pace.

The articulated steering is driven by a Large Motor but at those pictures I'm using a
Medium Motor because the Large motor is used in another creation for the moment.
The rear wheels were at first driven by chains in the boogies, but the the chains wasn't
strong enough so I used a lot of gears instead.
The crane is driven by two Pneumatic cylinders and one mini cylinder for the claw.
The pneumatic switches and pump is placed on the crane and is detachable.
If the load is to heavy might the trailer tip over, thats why there is stabilization.

The stabilization is an axle that prevents the trailer to tip over.
The stabilization is contralled by a lever under the cab.
It also has working lights in the front.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lego Tracked Snowplow

 Download  PDF-Building Instruction!
Befor you download the instruction, check if you have the parts you
need to build the snowplow at

Click here for high quality PDF-Building Instruction

If you like it and want to buy it as a real lego technic set,
please support it at

The plow is contralled by two mini linear actuators.
It's driven by two m-motors.
If you want to drive in snow, make this modification with the tracks
because the tracks get better grip.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lego Dragster

The dragster is very simple built. I tried to make it as light as possible but still have
a little bodywork. The total weight inclusive battery box is 560 gram.

It is geared from XL-Motor to 40-teeth gear to 40-teeth gear to 8-teeth gear.

I have used my return-to-center steering.
When I took these photos, I used the yellow type of shock

absorber. But it works equally well with the gray type.

Click here to read more about my Return-To-Center Steering!