Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lego SCANIA Car Transporter

This is my first MOC since last summer. I think it's the MOC that I've spent the most time on creating. I wanted it to be perfect.

The Car Transporter can load up to five cars, three on the top section and two on the lower section.

Motorized features:
Foldable top section, Foldable lower section, driving rear axle and front steering.

There are three switches on the left side of the truck. One for power On/Off, one for the 
PF switch and one feature switch. Drive and steering is controlled by a IR remote control.

PF elements included:

  • Medium motor
  • Large motor
  • Servo motor
  • Switch
  • IR reciever
  • LED lights
  • IR remote control
The Cab:

Inside the cab there is a steering wheel and two seats. behind the seats is the IR Receiver, the switch and the battery box.

The upper section can be folded down and a part of the lower section can be folded up to load cars.

It has a very detailed front with working lights.

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